Welcome to CFS Unite

We are a Suffolk based group, who provides support, understanding, and friendship to those who have Chronic Fatigue conditions or similar conditions including those affected by long covid.  Join us for one of our monthly meetings, regular coffee mornings or one of our events. 

Monthly meetings 

13:30pm - 15:30pm
St John's Church, Cauldwell Hall Road, Ipswich. 

6th February 2024

5th March 2024

2nd April 2024

Coffee Mornings

14th February 11:00pm - 14:00pm  at Geek Retreat

20th February 12:00pm - 14:00pm  at Chantry Library Cafe

See our upcoming events for more details and for future events

To see all our events including some in person get togethers, visit our upcoming events & meetings click here

To see our latest news check out our blog or join/visit our Facebook page.             

Locally, we host regular meetings on the first Tuesday of every month in person, as well as other regular social events to provide opportunities for those affected with a chronic fatigue condition to meet others and gain support. Please visit our what we do page to see what services we provide and our upcoming events page to see events we have coming up. Alternatively, contact us for more information. 

We are not Doctors but we are people who have or care for those with Chronic Fatigue, so we understand how difficult and isolating having a Chronic Fatigue condition can be. 

Online - If you join our mailing list, we will send you regular emails about what we are up to and you will receive our newsletter.  Please also join our active Facebook group and twitter feed, just look us up and request to join. 

To see the effect of our group please read some of our member's testimonials here. 

Whilst we have completed most of our website pages, there are still a few tweeks we need to do, please bear with us and contact us should you require any information, Thank you.  


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