Local Support

Our next meetings are
Saturday 21st June 2014
10.30am - 12.30pm
Tuesday 1st July
1.30pm till 3.30pm

St John's Church Hall, Cauldwell Hall Road, Ipswich. IP4 4QE
All are welcome, those with Chronic Fatigue &/or Chronic Pain,
and their Carers, Family and Friends.
Join us for refreshments!
For all our 2014 meeting dates please click here.
Monthly Meet-ups
We usually meet the first Tuesday of every month at St Johns Church, in Ipswich, 1.30pm until 3.30pm. The meetings are relaxed so you can come for the whole 2 hours if you are able or if not you are more than welcome to come for part of the meeting whatever suits you.
Our meet ups provide a chance for people with illnesses that have Chronic Fatigue and/or Chronic Pain as a key symptom and/or their carers to meet others in a similar situation, to hear other peoples advice and opinions, to have a chance to moan and chat about our problems, and much much more.
We think one of the most important things for our meeting is to provide a chance to meet others, help reduce isolation and lonliness and make some long lasting friendships and support networks.

We hope to see you !!!

Coffee Mornings
Once a month we aim to meet at one anothers house for a coffee morning. This privides a chance of a social meet up to gather and chat, whilst sharing a cuppa. Starting as 10.30am till mid-day come along for some good old fashioned chatting. For details of our next coffee morning please click here or  contact us.
Pictured here is a group photo from our first coffee morning in December 2012, for pictures from some of our previous coffee mornings click here.
Movie Watch!
New to the group we are holding a regular afternoon/evening  to get together and watch a film. The idea is to meet at others house, eat munchies, and grab a film. Suggested donation is £2 a session.
If you want to join or come along please contact Gemma (gemma@cfsunite.co.uk or text 07791383143.
Home Visits
For those of you who are unable to leave your home for long periods of time or who are too poorly to attend group meetings but want to join our support group and take part, then why not allow us to provide you with a friendly monthly home visit.  We aim to send a member or more to come visit you at home once a month. The date and times of a home visit would be arranged with you or a carer and we will stay as long as you can manage (up to an hour) even if it is only 5 minutes we would love to come see you. During your home visit we can fill you in on what's happening, chat about whatever you want to, read you a book, or just sit quietly enjoying a friendly companion.  For more information to organize a home visit and upcoming dates please visit our home visits page.

All carers are invited to attend our monthly meeting (above) as we feel carers can gain an input from our members but also provide an insight as to what it is like to care for somonw with a Chronic Fatigue Condition. Independently, we aim to get carers of those with Chronic Fatigue to meet up once a month for an evening, to meet other carers in a similar position to discuss problems, share stories and have some time out. For more information, please see our carer’s page.  


Going out and having some fun is important for anyone, especially those of us isolated because of an illness, that is why us here at CFU, will ensure socials are on our list of priorities. Apart from our monthly meet up, we will be running socials throughout the year, from lunches, dinners out, cinema outings, to day trips; we will run outings that are suitable for our group. If you have anything you would like to do, please let us know. More information will be given out at our monthly meetings, and in our quarterly newsletter.  For photos of our social events click here.

Fundraising Activities 

One our objectives here at CFU, is to help charities that support Chronic Fatigue, thus we wish to support these charities as much as we can. Throughout the year we will hold fundraising activities such as stalls at a fete or hall, to sponsored events. For more information please see our Fundraising Page.