Home Visits


This currently is for the Suffolk area only.
We know how much being severly affected, and not being able to leave your house can leave you feeling lonely, isolated and shut of from the real world. This is why the Chronic Fatiguer's Unite Home Visits has been designed; to provide comfort, friendship and a regular visitor. 
We aim to send a member or members of our team to come visit you at home once a month. The date and time of your home visit would be arranged with you or a carer and we will stay as long as you can manage (up to an hour) even if it is only 5 minutes, we would love to come and see you.
You can have us come in for a talk, to fill you in on what’s happening or just chat about whatever you want to.  We could come in and read you a book, or magazine (such as our quarterly newsletter), if you want us to come and just sit and be quiet then fine, if you want us to come along and pray with you or read a bit of a book that is fine, it is up to you.  
Upcoming dates - 
Friday 27th May;    11.30-12.30pm,  14.30-15.00pm.
Friday 10th June;
     12.00-13.00pm, 13.30-14.30pm, 15.00-16.00pm.
Tuesday 21st June; 12.00-13.00pm, 13.30-14.30pm, 15.00-16.00pm.

The aim of our home visits, is to bring comfort, support, friendship and to help reduce those feelings of isolation and lonliness.
For more information to organize a home visit please contact us.
(Photo top right - Gemma visiting Samantha at Home for a chat and a cuppa.)