CFU Carers

This section of our website is currently being updated, please bear with us.

Welcome to our Chronic Fatiguer Carers (CFC Unite) Page!

For those who care!

CFC Unite are for carers of those who have an illness with Chronic Fatigue as a major probkem. CFC Unite is currently an up and coming area of Chronic Fatiguer's Unite so improvements will be made over the next few months, once the support group is underway.

The aim of CFC UNite will be tp have a website dedicated to carers to show how we understand how hard , frustrating and tiring caring for those that are sick can be, and we also know that sometimes you need a break, to get away and chat with others who are in a similar situation and can understand how difficult it can be.

For our CFU Carers, we will be arranging a once a month meet up somewhere local, to provide you the chance to meet other carers. This will be a relaxed meeting where you can spend an evening/afternoon away from it all and chill out with friendly people. If you want to discuss a problem, or just have a friendly chat then this will be a great opportunity.

CFU Carers also help to fundraise for the charities we support, and if there is anything you can possibly offer or help with, please let us know.