Our Stories

Welcome to the Chronic Fatiguer's Unite Our Stories Page launched on ME Awareness Day Thursday 12th May 2011.
Here at CFS Unite, we believe strongly in sharing our stories to raise awareness of conditions with Chronic Fatigue. by sharing our stories, more people can hear off these illnesses often referred to as 'invisble' or 'hidden' illnesses, and become aware that you may not be able to see our illnesses, this does not mean that they are not here. Anyone who has an 'invisible' illness or who knows someone affected knows how bad they can be and that they are not invisible or hidden to us.
Below are our stories to share with you. Click on the name of the member to read their story.
Founder of CFS Unite
Gemma has had ME since August 2002.
If you wish to share your story/journey of you illness with us, please email info@cfsunite.co.uk for details.