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Meet the Team

We are a fully constituted and governed support group, run by people with Chronic Fatigue or Pain illnesses.  Meet us below.  Please note we are currently asking for more members to get involved in our group, if you think you would be interested please look at our can you help page or contact us for details.         

CFS Unite Committee 2018        

Gemma R - Founder and Chairperson
Gemma has had ME for over 16 years and knows how isolating Chronic Fatigue can be. Her aim in setting up CFS Unite is to support people, join the fight to raise awareness and a better understanding of Chronic Fatigue. In December 2011 she won the Star of Suffolk Community Champion Award for her work with the group and in 2014 she was able to fulfill her dream and qualify as a Science teacher. In October 2017 she became a Mum to a little girl.

David Page - Vice Chairperson

David or Ginger David as he is more commonly known as in the group has been with us since the beginning. David is known for his hard work, encouragement, support and the best hugs ever. You will find David at our monthly meetings and our social events. Make sure you get a hug. 

Lisa W - Events and Fundraising Co-Ordinator
Lisa is an amazing tribute to the CFS Unite group. She is a bubbly lady who has been nicknamed the CFS Unite Mummy, due to her loving, caring and cheerful nature. Lisa does a fantastic job at organizing our social events and fundraising for the group; highlights include the regular quizzes she jointly hosts with her husband and our fantastic Christmas meals. Plus her singing will blow you away! 

Other Helpers


Mark R - Helper

Mark is the reason we have a website! He is a good friend of Gemmas and has seen the rocky road that Chronic Fatigue can entail. Mark helps with the website and also attends socials and launches.


Sharon W - Helper

Sharon is Gemma’s Mum, and also a carer. She has seen the ups and downs of those with Chronic Fatigue, she also has lots of experience of claiming for benefits, tribunals and claims for funding, seeing as she has had to help Gemma and also her son claim for disability benefits on many occasions. You will see Sharon at meet ups and events.


If you can spare some time to help us, including advertising, support, raising awareness, and any little thing please visit our can you help page for vacant roles or contact us


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