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Pyjama Party Themed Meeting

Because May is our Chronic Fatigue Awareness Month, it was voted that our monthly meeting was to be a;

pyjama party theme!
The meeting is running on;
Tuesday 10th May 2011
 13.30 - 15.30pm.

This is something everyone can do whether you attend the local meeting locally or if you partake online from home. Pick a bright pair of pyjama’s, nightie or a dressing gown, and wear them!


We ask you to attend our monthly meeting wearing your fabulous nightwear, and to bring £5 donation (or whatever you can afford). At the meeting there will be a group photo of us all, which we will send to our local newspapers, newsletters and magazines with an article including information on Chronic Fatigue, the problems associated with having this awful illness, raising awareness of Chronic Fatigue, also raising awareness of the Chronic Fatiguer’s Unite and also we will include (with permission) personal story of members, (please see below). This article will also be put on the web for you to download and send out to your local newspapers, newsletters and magazines.

If you cannot be with us at the meeting we ask for you to wear your pyjamas on the day, and take an unusual photo, of you wearing them, and then send your photo or photos (if you have more than one you want to send feel free) in with your personal story (see below). We also invite you to donate £5 or whatever you can afford to help us raise funds for Chronic Fatigue Charities that we support. For details of where to send the photos, letters and donations please click here.

Personal Stories, Letters, and Poems of Chronic Fatigue
In the near future we will launch a new page dedicated to our members’ stories, both online members and local members. Thus we ask you to write a letter, a story, a poem or even draw a picture depicting what it is like to live with Chronic Fatigue.

Thus for Chronic Fatiguer’s Awareness Month we ask for you to send us your letters; stories, poems, or pictures to allow us to share these with not only our local newspaper, newsletters and mags, but also send them to Chronic Fatigue Associations. These will also be put on our website to share with others and for you to download so you may share with others as well.
If you would like more information please contact us