Tips and Ideas on how to raise Awareness and Funds

How to raise awareness and funding?

This is something our online members, readers, supporters, carers and our locals can do.

The first thing and probably the most important thing I am going to ask you to do  is………………………………………………TALK!!!!!!

Not about what you had for dinner last night or about the football game you                               watched but TALK about your illness or the illness you care for, about the symptom Chronic Fatigue, about Chronic Fatiguer’s Unite, about the charities supporting your illness, about the bad and good press your illness gets, about your symptoms and so on……

You have all probably heard that word of mouth is the best advertiser; well it is also the best method of raising awareness. So get talking!

Other things that can be done include;

·         Contact local radio and tell them your story

·         Contact local Newspaper /mag (as above)

·         Hold a stall (e.g. cake, craft, card, cuppa tea, information stand)

·         Pyjama party with friends

·         BBQ

·         Sponsored stuff e.g. swim, cycle, walk, run, dog walk…

·         Car wash

·         If it is your Birthday/Christmas and you are not sure what you want, ask for people to donate to your chosen charity

This list is not complete, if you have an idea or done an event that worked for you which are not on the list then please let us know.

Happy Awareness Raising and Fundraising!