Welcome to our Chum Scheme page!

This is suitable for both our online and local members and is designed to get people with fatigue and carers of those with Chronic Fatigue in touch with another, to make friends, to provide support to one another and to share the journey together.
It is as they say on the tin! Penfriends is sending letters and being in contact with another in a similar situation. There is a lovely feeling especially when you receive a letter/card even an email with photos from another person, filling you in on their life, situations and what they have been up to. To do this please email us your information including your age, and what you are looking for in a penfriend, we will put you in our records and pair you up with someone similar on our list. Once paired we will send you your new penfriends details and let it begin from there.  

Chums & email chums

Chums is similar to the penfriend scheme, however it is for the severely affected. A chum is someone you email or write too without expecting to receive a reply. Severely affected people with Chronic Fatigue can often be shut of from the outside world and can become very isolated, thus receiving a letter/card or email from someone will brighten up their day. To write to a chum or if you are severely affected and wish to become a chum, please email us your details including your age and what you are looking for and as with the penfriends we will pair you up and let it begin from there.

Secret Santa
At Christmas, we will do a Secret Santa to members (Currently UK Only). If you put your name down, we will randomly choose another member for you to send a present too, and in return you will receive a present back from another member, the budget is entirely up to you, but we suggest something small, such as £5 and of course bear in mind it needs to be Chronic Fatigue friendly. 

Suggestions are below, if you have a suggestion not mentioned here please let us know and we will amend our list.


Fun Socks, scarf, hat or gloves, easy listening CD, audio cd, cuddly toy, membership to a support charity, massage oils, bath salts, plant bulbs and a pot for them to grow their own plant, bird feeder, bird boxes and window charms.         

If you wish to have further information on any of the above please contact us.