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posted 1 Feb 2011, 00:16 by Gemma Richards   [ updated 14 Feb 2011, 05:26 ]
Hi peeps,
Not long to go till our first meeting, I am rather excited but also a little bit nervous, worrying that people won't turn up, or I have forgotten something major, but it should be fine.
In other updates, we now have business cards, posters, leaflets, if anyone wantas some, please email and we shall send you some. We also have pens, and 2 mugs (we will be ordering more than 2 but I wanted to make sure they were good quality before i go mad and buy loads).
Other than that, i am now trying to get our community involved so putting up posters, speaking to almost everyone I meet, it amazes me how many people i meet know someone who has Chronic Fatigue, or has it), and also there is a common misunderstanding that there is no support out there, well there is now, we are here.
Will update soon.