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Upcoming - March 2012

posted 25 Feb 2012, 12:37 by Gemma Richards

Hey peeps,

 It has been a while since we last blogged, however we have been fsr from quiet, in fact we are continuously growing which is fantastic!

I hope you are all keeping as well as possible, I find that with the warmer and brighter days things get a little easier to cope with, I hope you find this too. Thought I would drop you a line, with some upcoming stuff.

1. Newsletter

It is time for our quarterly newsletter to be put together and be prepared to be sent out. Thank you to those who have donated us sonme fantastic letters, this upcoming issue should be a really good one, want to submit an article?? There is still time!!!! Due to work commitments I am a couple of days late in putting it together, so the newsletter is due to be posted out on Friday 2nd March. If you can get the article to me by Thursday evening then it will be in this issue for those to read.

2. Our march meeting!

For our March meeting we are celebrating our 1st year of meetings, and we would like a theme, if anyone has an idea please let me know as the only thing I can think of is to have a colour theme (Currently it is Blue)  for the meeting. However, for definite we will be doing a food selection for lunch so please bring some grub to share and have some lunch with us.   If you have any ideas, please contact me so we can arrange it and get ready to Celebrate.

3. Committee meeting

It is time where those wonderful people who help to run our wonderful group meet together to put together plans and ideas for the group. If you would like to join the comittee, or if you are interested in coming along to the meeting please let me know and I can let you know the details. The more people we get to help run the group the better the group can help others and you. ALso if you want something brought up with the committe please email me so I can address it at the meeting. (Note to commitee membersgs - will shortly be emailing you with possible dates and times for this meeting- please confirm any dates you can do asap).


4. Prayer group - New for 2012!

It has become apparent that we have a few Christian members in our group, and interest has been raised for prayer group, where we can meet up for a time to share our chrsitaniy and pray for our group and our members. This will be held as often as members would like, and sessions can be to study the bible,to talk and to pray for fellow members. I would like to get a date settled for our first session, and was wondering if people who are interested in joining us in this Christian group to let me know dates and times that would suit them over the next 2 weeks,i.e a week day evening, a week day afternoon, or a weekend day time or weekend evening. I  hope to have booked our first session for in the next couple of weeks. We will add a page on the website soon for this.

I hope everyone is as well as possible, and send you all my heartfelt hugs and wishes for 2012.
Love and hugs
Gemma x