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Zoom, social distance meet and more!

posted 20 Aug 2020, 02:26 by Gemma Richards   [ updated 20 Aug 2020, 02:26 ]
Good morning.

I hope you are all keeping as well as possible. Alot of us struggled last week with the intense heat so hope you are feeling better now it has cooled. I need a really good storm to clear the air as I am still feeling very foggy and achey, which I know some of you will agree with me as well.  This is probably a bit of a long email so you may need to make a cuppa of your favourite drink, get your diary out and take you time. Below is some of our upcoming events and ideas. Please read and feel free to ask any questions. 

1. Zoom meetings
  - these are fortnightly with our previous one being last Tuesday 18th August. Unfortunately, I cannot do the next one scheduled in  2 weeks as I have a PD day at work (after 5 months). After discussion our next Zoom meeting will now take place 3 weeks from now and will be on Tuesday 8th September at 2pm. I will send the link to join the meeting closer to the date. The next one should follow on the 22nd September. However, the following one may need to be rescheduled as it falls on the 6th October which is my daughter Rebeccas 3rd Birthday so I will be unavailable. I will discuss this with fellow zoomers at our next 2 meetings and will notify you of the October zoom meetings dates once decided. 
In summary our next 2 Zoom meetings are Tuesday 8th September and Tuesday 22nd September at 2pm. 

Struggling to access zoom but wish to join - read the next paragraph. 
If you are struggling to access zoom but wish to join us, please make contact and we can arrange a phone call to see if I can help access it, we can then practice and see how we get on. There is a common misconception you need to register and log in, however you can access it from your internet browser. The quality is not as good but you can still join the meetings. Please let me know. 

2. Social distance meet in the park 
At the moment our meetings at the hall cannot take place in line with current guidelines but a few of you have mentioned meeting at a park, to socially distance, bringing your own food and drink. I would like to do this. I am thinking of accessible parks for parking and accessibility and am thinking of using Chantry Park or Bourne Park. Looking at the weather and availability I can do Wednesday 26th August at 1pm. If anyone can recommend a better place and I can confirm location nearer the time. But please save the dates. 
In summary Social distance park meetings at 1pm on Wednesday 26th August  (Location to be confirmed). 

3. Blog post by members each month.  
Recently, I have been reading posts on different websites where their members have blogged to share their journey of life, becoming ill and how they have been treated since becoming ill. I find these really interesting and have shared some on the Facebook and Twitter groups. I would like to do this for our group where our members and their families can share their experience with each other so each month i would like to receive a post from a member to share (you can remain anonymous if you prefer) and help raise awareness as well. I think this will help others realise that we are all going through our own journey and have struggles and also help everyone get to know each other. I hope this makes sense I am struggling to word it properly. I wish to post this on the 1st of each month. I will be writing the first one but if you are happy to write a blog for me to share please let me know and I will let you know your month. 

4. Videos of us doing things we love
Quite a while ago I asked you to end in pictures of you doing the things you love to make a video like our wildlife one, I have not quite finished this so this is my last push, if any of you can send in a picture for me to share of you doing what you love, a craft etc.... please send it to me via email by the end of this week, I aim to put it together Sunday night or Monday. 

Phew,  I think that is it for now. Take care and please remember if you need a chat give me a call 07791383143. 

Gemma x