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August Updates

posted 25 Jul 2011, 05:50 by Gemma Richards   [ updated 4 Aug 2011, 03:30 ]
Hi Peeps,
I hope things are as well as possible, I cannot believe it is August already, and despite a warm few days I am enjoying the cooler weather, but not too sure about the rain today.
We had our 6th meeting this Tuesday just gone, I cannot believe it is our 6 month meeting, and all I want to say is a MASSIVE THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU! Without your support I could never have got this far.
Meeting News
At our meeting just gone, we were ment to focus on the topic of depression, for those of you who attended you will know that we got slightly sidetracked and didn't really cover this topic, thus I have planned for next months meeting to cover the depression topic. Thus the October meeting will now cover the discussion of supplements, and after the conversations covered I thought in Novermber we will cover Benefits.
At last meeting we covered all different areas, with a little while talking about benefits, the upcoming social which is the 6th month bbq and we addressed the questions what one small thing could help to improve your life?
What one small thing could help to improve your life?
This was the main topic of our conversation, and the list below summarizes what members thought small could help us;
  • Cleaner/Gardener/Handy man
  • Personal Assistant
  • The gift of time - for someone to take time to come and see us and spend a short amount of time with us, even if it is just for a quick cuppa.
  • Support from family, partners and freinds (it was mentioned that althought people may nit understand CF conditions the effort of trying to understand and being supportive is enough  to help. 
  • Pacing by setting mini objectives was thought to be helpful.  
  • A card or short letter received from someone is lovely as that person has taken some time to think of us.
Over all it was generally agreed that love, support and time was the most fundamental thinks people could give us and yet it was a shock to realise that so many people with CF conditions do not have this all the time.  Because of this I will put a section about this topic in the brochures we are designing to hand out to the non-affected.
In other news, we have our 6 month celebration this Sunday so looking forward to seeing peeps for a celebrations of this milestone.
Will update again soon.