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Our Stories Page

posted 12 Apr 2011, 07:56 by Gemma Richards   [ updated 12 Apr 2011, 10:29 ]
Hi Peeps, 
I hope everyone is well, things here have been a little rough as there is a sickness tummy bug thing going round which has knocked me for six. I have literally spent 6 days resting, hiding under a duvet. Luckily, I am feeling a lot better today and hopefully the only way is up.
As most people know the month of May is quite a big scene in the world of ME with ME Awareness week running the 8th - 14th May, and International ME Awareness Day on Thursday 12th May. The idea of these weeks, days and months are to raise awareness thus for our group I thought we should have a Our Stories Page!!!!!
is will be where people can read our members stories explaining what illness causestheir Chronic fatigue and their journey with their illness. if you are willing to write a small couple of paragraphs about your condition and your journey, also include bad and good times. If possible include lots of photos. Preferable email them to This page will be launched on Thursay 12th May, to support ME Awareness Day.
Gentle hugs, I am now off to investigate this thing called sunshine, as I haven't seen it for a fe
w days lol.
Gemma X