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ONE Week Till Launch Date!!!

posted 25 Jan 2011, 04:22 by Gemma Richards
Hi peeps.
It is only 1 week till the official launch date of Chronic Fatiguers Unite, how time does fly. It seems ages ago since this was an idea in my head and now it is a full group in action (well it will be in 1 week) and the positive reports I have had so far are really inspiring, thanks to those who have given them, especially Victoria, your advice and support has been brilliant.
Things here have been rough, I have had the flu, so i have not really been on Planet Earth for 5 days, all I could do was open my eyes, thanks to Theresa, Sharon, Gavin and all the well wishers for your support. 
Today i feel so much better and although I have to rest i have managed to do some research. I  have updated all the pages, but the most work I have done is on the Chronic Fatigue Links and the Who we Support Organizations. I have researched some of the illnesses that accompany  Chronic fatigue, and there are now links at the bottom of the Chronic Fatigue page, then i have researched and provided some of the information about the organizations we support. Check it out and any feedback would be brilliant. 
Will blog again soon. 
Gemma x
On behalf of the CFU Team.