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June meeting

posted 9 Jun 2011, 07:04 by Gemma Richards   [ updated 9 Jun 2011, 07:21 ]
Hi peeps,
It has been a couple of days since our June meeting, and firstly can I thank everyone who attended. It always surprises me that people turn up, and also how brilliant each and every member is, you are all an inspiration. I know that it must take alot of energy and pain for you to come to our meetings and I really want to stress how much we appreciate you turning up and also how brave you are sharing your experiences with us. Every member reinforces why this group was set up, and it is wonderful to see friendships and relationships develop.
This last meeting, we started our meeting them with the topic of Acceptance. Acceptance of having Chronic fatigue but also what became apparent and was discussed in detail was the acceptance of others and how those if us with a Chronic fatigue condition was perceived by others. Thank you everyuone for you brilliant insights and one thing I know is apparent in our group meetings is that we accept each other, and we are here for each other. We also allowed the last half an hour of the meeting to be a chat session, where the meeting is over but members are invited to stayt and have a chat. I am delighted that this was a success, the hall was buzzing with chatter and we still overran in our time. It is a delight to see.
Next month, we are hopefully going to have our first guest speaker. One of our carer members is a professional Occupational Therapist, who has bravely started her own practice in health and well being. She attended one of our meetings with one of her patients as she was interested to see who we were, and as a specialist in Chronic fatigue was eager to help us in any way she can. For more information please visit her website or see more information on our helpful links page.
I am now of for a rest, as today is having to be a duvet day to allow me to recover from yet another brilliant meeting. Thank you again.
Gentle hugs and best wishes
Gemma X