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Christmas Tidings!

posted 24 Dec 2017, 00:23 by Gemma Richards
Happy Christmas Eve!

Just a message to thank all our members and supporters of our CFS Unite family for all your support this year and for the past 7 years. I cannot believe we celebrate our 7th Birthday in February.

Despite this being a busy time I sat last night and thought about you all. I was feeling grateful that despite having this awful illness we have all come together to support and encourage each other. Although I wish this illness would go away and that I could take it away from each of you, I am also a little bit grateful as without being ill I would not have had the opportunity to have met so many wonderful, courageous and just amazing people like you. Your support, enthusiasm and ability to smile, get on with life and support each other is amazing and I am honoured and proud of you.

I know for some of you that Christmas is not a positive event either due to your health or personal reasons and I can only hope that you can make the most of the day, and spend it with people who are positive and support you. If you are dreading the day, please light a candle and know that I and others will be lighting a candle for the day and taking it with me where I go so every time I see that flickering flame I will be thinking of you and hope it will bring some light to your day, (please note I will blow it out as I change location and then relight it, I am not crazy enough to drive with a lit candle in the car).  

On behalf of myself and the committee of the CFS Unite Family, I want to wish you a  very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I hope to see you in 2018 and wish 2018 is a brighter, happier and healthier year for you.

Kind regards, best wishes and gentle hugs
Gemma x
Gemma Richards
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