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Articles for Newsletter required!

posted 18 Mar 2011, 17:07 by Gemma Richards   [ updated 25 Mar 2011, 02:38 ]
Hi Peeps,
It has been a while since I last blogged, I hope you are keeping well? Things for me have been rough these ast few weeks, so I have really had to slow down, and do lots of resting, I am currently staying at my Parents for a few weeks, until I am a little better. Anyway before I begin to waffle, I intend to get onto the topic I want to blog about, the Newletter. 
The aim is to launch and send out our first quarterly newsletter on the 1st June 2011 either by email or snail mail. Thus "ARTICLE WRITERS REQUIRED"!!!!
If you are interested in writing for us then you will be more then welcome, the article submission deadline for issue 1 is by the end of Tuesday 10th May 2011 and can be submitted via post, or emails.
There are some article themes/ideas listed below,if you wish to write one of these or if you have your own ideas please just let me know ASAP so I can ensure we do not double up, and then just get it submitted to me by Tuesday 10th May.
Article Ideas/Themes
  • Member profile - information about yourself, condition, likes/dislikes, hobbies etc.....
  • Recipes, Baking, cooking page.
  • Dietary information/advice
  • Information/News/Updates on Chronic Fatigue Conditions
  • Book Reviews
  • Music Reviews
  • Film/Documatory/soap review
  • Pets corner - talk about you pets and their support, funny quirks.
  • Carers Corner - pages dedicated to carers (include profiles, updates on things that could help them), useful tips for carers that could help other carers etc....
  • Sports corner e.g olympics talk, football updates???
  • Funny story/jokes page
  • puzzle page
  • Health section - aimed for both  carers and those with a condition.
and many more......
Remember to include lots of photos and images with your article.
Once you have written your article (typed format plaease), then please send it to me either to, or message me for the postal address.
Also, we are looking for proof readers to read over the draft of the newsletter pointing out any spelling/grammatical errors and also there is an EDITORS position!!!!!!
Editor(s) Required
 Chronic Fatiguer's Unite require an editor or editors for the quarterley newsletter sent out for Chronic Fatiguer's Unite. Roles include, putting together the order of the articles for the newsletter, proof read the initial draft of the newsletrter, designing the quarterly front page, contacting article writers to remind them of deadlines, and also to thank them for their input etc..... If you are interested please let me know Because this is rather a large role, I am happy for it to be a shared responsibility. 
Phew, quite a long blog but there you have it, if you can spare some time to write for us it would be truly appreciated. 
Gentle Hugs and best typing and writing wishes
Gemma x