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11 days till our Community Launch

posted 16 Oct 2011, 13:57 by Gemma Richards   [ updated 19 Oct 2011, 08:13 ]
How time flies!!!!! It was only July that we attended the ME community launch event in Rayon when afterwards we had this tiny idea of doing something similar in Ipswich. Now this tiny idea has become a huge reality and is now less than 2 weeks away....Saturday 29th October!!!!!
Luckily we have wonderful supporters and the donations and support has been flying in unconditionally, making us look forward to the day with pride and honour to be surrounded and supported by such wonderful people. Thank you everyone who is supporting the day!
Thus we thought we had better update you on what will be happening on the day......these are still just guidelines but it is to give you all an exciting taster.
As it says on the tin, the idea is to raise awareness of Chronic fatigue condtions but more importantly our aim is to provide an opportunity for people with Chronic Fatigue condtions to meet others in similar circumastances, to be understood and also to gain information and support.
On the day there will be plenty of tables and guest speakers who will provide information, support and a friendly face. We have some wonderful people coming in to acheive this including;
Occupationation Thaerapy beyond Boundaries
Posistive Pals Support Group
Fibro support Ipswich
Action for ME (to be confirmed)
Jencare Mobility (to be confirmed)
and of course us lot from Chronic Fatiguer's Unite.
We also have a variety of stalls from some of our members who want to share their passions and craft skills to selling goods to help us fundraise and support people with Chronic Fatigue;
Stalls will include;
Chronic Fatiguer's Unite Merchandise Stall
Cake Stall
Jewellry Stall
Card Stall
Book Stalls
Bric & Brac stalls (or as gemma keeps referring to it as a bits and bobs stall )
                                      Alternaitve Therapy stall
Ben & Marion will be there with their book  'A MONKEY, A MOUSE and a CPAP MACHINE' 
Local Ipswich artist Pat Frankis (my Nan) will be there to exhibit some of her paintins and cards.
Entry is £2 per person(£1 for 12 years and under), which includes a free afternoon tea, there will also be a small food buffet which will be £1.50p per person.
Please note the list is not complete there is much more, I am waiting for things to be confirmed but thought it would be a nice taster.
Cannot wait, and we truly hope to see you there.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.
Gemma & the CFU team