See below what our members have to say about us. If you would like to share what CFS Unite means to you, please email us. 

Lisa writes:
"I remember it well, 6 yrs ago walking into the CFU meeting, being met by Gemma's smiling face then bursting into floods of tears, feeling nervous but so grateful that I was finally with people who totally understood the illness and how ill I was feeling. 6 years on and I am happy to help run the group, we laugh we cry, everyone is there to support each other, we chat about everything, have speakers come to the meetings, tea parties, competitions, meals out, quizzes and generally have a good time.
I look forward to the first Tuesday of the month and seeing everyone.  I have made a lot of lovely friends.
Long may the group continue."

Diane writes:
"I found the group by accident. After struggling for almost 5yrs thinking that I was getting old, lazy and past my best, I was diagnosed with ME and fibro. As this was all new to me, I was googling my conditions - as although I was told what was wrong no one bothered explaining anything to me. It was while doing this that I discovered the group. And what a God send it was!!
I have learned so much, mainly that I wasn't alone - not just some strange sort of person who was behaving awkward and imagining symptoms. Yes, they had to be real if other people were also suffering like me.
The group made me feel so welcome, like I belonged - there was no one judging me, just helping and encouraging me. Through the group, I gained enough confidence to be able to say "no" at work and not feel guilty. That for me was a huge step forward in accepting that I was ill - not lazy.
Although I can't attend the group now I still regularly read all the updates and still feel part of it. The people I met through this are very special, honest and sincere people that I class as friends."

Rebecca writes:
"The Chronic Fatigue Service at Stowmarket recommended that I should contact Gemma at the Chronic Fatigue Unite group for help and support for ME/CFS.  It is lovely to meet people who understand what it's like to live with this debilitating illness which so many people on the outside misunderstand and are quick to judge. 
The group feels like a family and it helps me feel less alone living with this isolating, invisible illness.  I have really enjoyed the socials and quizzes.  Also the guest speakers too.  A big thank you to all of the Committee members for all their kindness and support throughout the year."

Carole writes:
"Initially, I met Gemma, Lisa and other members of the group when I attended a fundraising fete for the group in Kesgrave. Our welcome was warm from members with many individuals demonstrating kindness and compassion. I was attending with Lois (now 11) who has cfs. We received valuable advice in relation to coping mechanisms/techniques and how to remain in contact with the group. Since that initial introduction, I have attended a Tuesday and Saturday group. The groups I find are productive to air personal feeling and any struggles experienced, yet continue to focus on the positive.
Lois has had cfs for over 5 years now and consequently has missed large chunks of school and lived in isolation. Personally, to enable coping myself and care for Lois I have to focus on the positive outcomes and individuals who lead fulfilling lives despite the condition. I have found this in the group and although I don't often attend when I have it has been a positive and productive experience.Thank you very much."

June writes:
"When I walked into the hall the first time to a CFU meeting I knew I was joining a special group of people who I now feel are good friends Have been given support when needed .Thanks to all of you.Xxx"

Jo writes:
"I have had ME for 26yrs and always found it to be a very lonely illness and nobody understanding it I followed the group on Facebook for a few years but didn't have the courage to go along to the meetings then October time last year I commented on a post and Lisa said to come along I was still not sure but plucked up the courage to go now I wish I had gone years before everyone was friendly and it was great to have people who understood how I was feeling and it's given me a new lease of life I would highly recommend going and can't wait for our monthly meetings now."