Keeping Cool in Summer

The summer is here and so is the heat!

In our June meeting we discussed tips on helping to stay cool as the weather gets hot , below is a summary of the tips we came up with;

             1.       Drink Plenty of refreshing drinks such as water and squash.
2.       Eat cool food such as popsicles, fruit smoothies or mint and cucumber has a good way of helping you feel cool.
3.       Ice packs – use them to keep skin cool (wrap them in a towel to prevent frost burn) There are also wrist ones that you can wear.
Use a fan or air con (there is a technique of putting a glass of sea salt water in front of fan which can make the fan blow cooler air like air con).
5.       Shower or cool baths
6.       Stay indoors if too hot as it should be cooler indoors and keeping blinds/curtains closed can help keep houses cool.
7.       Wear or decorate house with white, white is a cooling colour.
8.       Dress appropriately, wear loose layers to help keep cool.
9.       Rest smart – over exertion can make you hot.
10.   If out or going out stick to the shade for shelter and avoid peak sunlight hours (10am till 3pm).

11.   Put socks or pillow in freezer or fridge to cool before using

            12. When you sleep use a sheet instead of a duvet.

Keep you house cool
1.       Close blinds/curtains during the day

2.       Open windows at night

3.       Ceiling fans or fans whilst at home

4.       Adjust you boiler pilot light as too high can produce extra heat

5.       Use smooth white furnishings in colour to cool the room

6.       Switch off lights, TV, Oven during day as they produce heat

7.       Insulate your home, as not only is it good keeping houses warm in winter it is useful to keep heat out during the summer

Finally THINK COOL – it has been proven that by picturing cool places, watching programmes about cold arrears and thinking cool thoughts can help keep you cool .