Online Support

Providing Online support is much more difficult and any ideas on how we can help support those of you who cannot attend our local events but want to partake in our support group, please let us know. For now, we have some ways of support that we have devised to be able to support you online, which include virtual parties, email chums, and our discussion board.  

Discussion Board

Our discussion Board  is our place where you can post messages or queries about anything or see other posts written by others in the same situation. The idea of the discussion board is like it says on the tin, to post anything you wish to discuss with others, whether it is good news, bad news, queries about Chronic Fatigue or other components of an illness. It is also an opportunity to get in contact with others.   


The blog is where you can see what we here at Chronic Fatiguers Unite have been up too, updates on anything to do with Chronic Fatigue and also there is room for you to comment on anything we have put up there.

Facebook & Twitter

If you are on Facebook and/or Twitter, why not follow us and join our group. We will update you on anything we have been up to, post up photos and also provide the opportunity to discuss any problems, or just post anything you want to say.

Our website address for these are listed below;

Facebook –!/home.php?sk=group_118776514860504&ap=1

Twitter –

Email Chums, Pen friends and chums.

For those of us with a Chronic Illness, it can be isolating, especially if you are limited and have to be at home a lot. Chums is a way for those that are isolated to meet and stay in contact with others. Everyone likes to receive a nice friendly letter instead of a dreaded bill or a nice friendly email instead of junk email. Chums is designed as a way of being penfriends or email buddies, please see our chums page for information. 

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