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Upcoming Zoom and Useful stuff

posted 21 Nov 2020, 04:09 by Gemma Richards
Hello and happy November. 

I was made aware yesterday there was only 4 Fridays until Christmas, what a weird year this will be. I am looking forward to actually staying at home this year. Usually I burn myself out as I feel the guilt of having to go and see our family members, between us we have a lot of them and usually rack up the miles and the exhaustion. So this year I am making sure I will look forward to more time at home and hope fully reserving the energy reserves. 

I thought I would share with you what is upcoming and also some useful information. 


We are still hosting regular Zoom meetings and have a few lined up from 14.00 till 15.30 pm. 
I will email out the link the day before the meetings. 

Dates are : 

Tuesday 10th November  - Zoom meeting
Tuesday 8th December  - Zoom meeting

Christmas Meal

Finally,  it has been a difficult decision but also as we have had to cancel our Christmas meal this year. HOWEVER I would like to arrange a Zoom one!
On Tuesday 22nd December I invite you to join us  for our  Zoom online Christmas meal meeting
12.30 - 14:30. 
Put on your Christmas jumper and hat, bring a plate of food and lets eat a mini meal together. I will also provide a mini Christmas quiz and maybe even organise some carols if we fancy it. 

Hopefully we will meet again in January. For all our events please visit our Upcoming Events page. 

Information to share
Please find useful information which the ME Association has shared with us to help you during these testing times of COVID-19. 

The following information is available in the files attached below and more information is on our Information page. 

COVID-19 Employment Support information
COVID-19 - Reducing Risk and Infection
COVID-19 - Post Viral Fatigue and Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome following Corona. 

In the meantime, thank you all for you ongoing support to the group, to each other and to me. I have valued you more and more over this time and miss you so much. I cannot wait to meet in person again soon. 

Take care

Gemma X